The Kunsthalle of Sparkasse Leipzig

The Art Exhibition Hall (Kunsthalle) is accommodated in one of the oldest former buildings of Sparkasse Leipzig in the City of Leipzig. It was acquired in 1914 by Sparkasse Leipzig and was used as its main office during and after World War II, until expropriation in 1950. Since 1994 it is once again owned by Sparkasse Leipzig and has undergone expensive refurbishment. The Art Exhibition Hall, with 352 sq. m of exhibition space, is accommodated in the extension building erected in 1924 and located directly on the banks of the Pleißemühlgraben.

In celebration of Sparkasse Leipzig’s 175th anniversary, the Art Exhibition Hall was opened with the exhibition “blick in die sammlung/1” (glance at the collection/1) in February 2001. Since opening, not only own collection artworks have been shown in over 30 exhibitions, but also Leipzig’s art development during the last 70 years. Weekly events complete the programme of the Art Exhibition Hall.

The Museum of Sparkasse Leipzig is located in the immediate vicinity.